Calming the Storm


Cancer affects everyone—no exceptions. If you’re fortunate enough to dodge it yourself, know that someone near and dear to you will not.

This book is primarily for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is trying to figure out what to do. Secondarily it’s for the people who love and care about you. It’s not easy sorting through all the information and making life-affecting decisions on your own. Having cancer is a battle: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It will change you.

Calming the Storm will give you valuable insights that you are unlikely to learn  anywhere else. It is brutally honest and revealing. While everyone’s situation is different, you’ll likely see some similarities in your own journey. You can be victorious over cancer, and this book may very well give you the education and encouragement to do so.

Here’s what Dr. Terry Douglass, CEO of Provision Healthcare writes about it: “Anyone reading this book authored by a ‘cancer victor’, whether you have cancer or not, can better understand how to triumph over adversity. How is it possible to say: ‘Having cancer proved to be one of the most positive experiences of my life?’ Don Denton experienced the answer, and shares lessons in this book that we all need to learn. His information on a powerful new cancer therapy is valuable; but more important is information on ‘life therapy’. I recommend that anyone who fears hearing the ‘C’ for Cancer read this book immediately. It could change your life.”

Calming the Storm by Don Denton is available on Amazon and other online bookstores. It retails for an exceptional value at $9.95. An incredible bonus comes with purchasing this book: ALL proceeds go to the pediatric program to help cancer kids through the Provision CARES Foundation. Do yourself and others a favor by buying several copies.