Tolerance is an overused word today.  It carries questionable political correctness, which is unfortunate.  Why?  Because its definition has changed!

Not too many years ago tolerance indicated acceptance of opinions different from one’s own, but it didn’t mean that one agreed with them.  Today it’s different.  Tolerance means that all opinions are equally valid and truthful.  If one disagrees, that individual is now defined as intolerant, bigoted, ignorant, racist, etc.  How tragic that language has changed to fit the social and political nonsense spewed today!  

Just because one person’s opinion is different doesn’t make it true.  I believe the earth is round.  Others believe the earth is flat.  I tolerate their belief, but in no way is it equal to my own.  Today’s definition of tolerance is that round-earthers and flat-earthers beliefs are equally valid.  What nonsense!  

This comment will raise a few eyebrows.  Many people believe there are multiple paths to God, and it really doesn’t matter if one is Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, etc.  I tolerate the other belief systems, but in no shape, form or fashion do I accept them as truth.  Quite the opposite–they are inherently evil because they worship false gods.  Nonetheless, I accept practitioners’ rights to exercise their religion.  I have several friends of non-Christian faiths, and they are fine people–just misguided.

Don’t be so open-minded to other theologies that you brain falls out.  There is only one path to God, and that is through Jesus Christ.  

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