Learning about relationships

Many unmarried couples communicate openly on social media like Facebook.  Rather than keeping their thoughts about a relationship private, they decide to share them with everyone.  I have no idea why anyone would do this, but it’s rather common.  

No offense, but it’s the females 99% of the time.  It seems to be worse among young people in their late teens or early 20s.  Some seem to never learn from their experiences.  They drift from relationship to relationship and repeat the same mistakes every single time.  It’s stunning to me that they can’t figure out the error of their ways.  What’s really sad is to see this same issue with people who are older.   

Here’s some real advice that should help young people.  It’s so blatantly obvious that they should know it already, but many haven’t figured it out.  It’s really simple:  young women give sex to gain love; young men give love to gain sex.  Does it make sense?  Of course it does!

What’s the best behavior to find a spouse?  Just follow the guidance of the Bible.  It’s about love and respect, and chastity until marriage.  

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