The Three Ts

“You reward everyone according to what they have done.”  Psalm 62:12 NIV

Salvation comes from faith.  All the good works we can do in this lifetime do not merit entry into heaven.  It requires perfect righteousness, and we can’t earn it.  Only through our acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah are we made clean.

Does this fact about faith mean we are exempt from doing good works once we have salvation? Of course not.  By making Jesus the Lord of our lives we will want to serve Him by loving others.  A primary means of displaying our love for others is through good works.

I don’t believe Heaven is socialistic–that is, we won’t have equal status.  The Scriptures indicate that our reward will be directly proportional to what we have done during our years on earth.  It boils down to the three Ts:  Time, Talent, and Treasure.  All of us are given a portion of each one, but in different measure.  However, it’s how we use them that really counts.

Remember the story of the poor widow who gave two mites to the Temple while a rich person donated much more.  Jesus observed both people, and declared that the widow had made a real sacrifice.  She used the Treasure apportioned to her much more effectively, and as a result she received a greater heavenly reward.

The same types of comparison can be made for Time and Talent.  Our reward relates to how effectively we utilize these other two Ts to love others, advance the kingdom, and glorify God.

Think about what you can do with the three Ts that you have been given.  Make it count for an eternity.

Prayer:  Thank you God for loving us so much to sacrifice Your son, Jesus, on our behalf.  May we fully and completely use what you have so graciously given to us.  We ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to direct what You would have us to do.  For we make this request in the holy and precious name of Jesus, our savior.  Amen






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