Atheists don’t exist

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”  Romans 1:20 NIV

Did you know that there is no such thing as atheists?  Our language has a meaning for this word, but quite frankly, they really don’t exist.

There are people in my life who claim to be atheists.  I love them just the same, but view them as confused and misguided, and hope that with positive influences they will eventually see the light.

How smart are we compared to God Almighty?  Think about the bar graphs you made in high school math classes.  On the vertical axis start with zero at the bottom and infinity at the top.  On the horizontal axis make marks for a bacteria, dog, man, and God.  Then strike a vertical line to indicate the intelligence of the bacteria, dog, and man as compared to God.  You should have three dots for the creatures and a line to infinity for God.  My point is simple:  in the whole scheme of things, when compared to God our own intelligence is just a speck like any other creature.

I make this observation for a simple reason.  Every atheist I’ve met regards himself or herself as being an intellectual.  Most are highly educated,  They seek proof for God’s existence.  That’s both tragic and hilarious to me.  On my best day I couldn’t make the argument that God doesn’t exist!  The proof around us is so overwhelming that it’s ridiculous to even debate it.

George McDonald, a Quaker, wrote an 1892 article in the “Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood” this famous saying  (oftentimes attributed to C. S. Lewis):  “You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.”  In a nutshell, this quotation explains why atheists don’t exist.  Once a person dies, the soul departs the body.  At this moment, one immediately comes to the realization that God is real.  It is impossible for both God and an atheist to co-exist.

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for making a way for us to live eternally with You.  We pray for others who haven’t made the important step of faith to believe in you.  May we be the light that shows them the way.  In Jesus’s name.  Amen

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