Can you believe it?

This website officially launched on Palm Sunday, March 25, 2018.  Right now when I’m writing this piece, it is only 2-1/2 weeks old.  I’m trying different types of stories and styles, searching for what’s most effective in reaching any readers.

You beliefs may not coincide 100% with mine, and that’s okay.  I trust that we agree on the major doctrines of Christianity and may disagree on the small stuff.  The objective is to make disciples–either new converts or re-energized believers.  Considering these points, should anyone be offended by this website?

Of course not!  However, the reality is that some people feel negatively about it–enough to do it harm.  In the few days of online life, there have been 318 malicious attempts to hack into this website.  I have no idea of how many people are involved in such an effort.  It may just be one.  Today I figured out one particular individual whose goal is to load the pages with advertisements.  He’s up to doing evil, and he’s certainly not being guided by the Holy Spirit.

If you ever check-out this website and find strange ads, links, pornography or who knows what, don’t click on anything. In the meantime, know that my virus protection has worked fabulously well.



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