I am the LORD

“The LORD said to Moses.”  Leviticus 22:1

Leviticus is the third book of the Bible and Torah.  I confess that it’s difficult to read and maintain one’s concentration.  You likely feel the same way.  

Last week Chapter 22 left a distinct impression in my mind.  it records what God instructed Moses regarding His rules on animal sacrifices.  To us today, they seem so strange and we cannot adequately comprehend why they were important to God.  

I think the issue boils down to obedience.  The Israelites were a disobedient and stiff-necked people.  In spite of all their miraculous experiences, it didn’t take much to misdirect them into doing evil.  Perhaps with the Levitical laws, God challenged the people to keep them as a confirmation of their obedience to Him.  

I also see a deeper message in this chapter.  It is one repeated time and again.  God wants us to “get it”.  He knows that most people require continuous repetition to understand even His most basis teachings.  Here’s what He said in Leviticus 22:

Verse 2:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 3:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 8:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 9:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 15:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 30:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 31:  “I am the LORD.”

Verse 33:  “I am the LORD.”

This chapter is only 33 verses long, and God repeated “I am the LORD” to Moses eight times.   

What does it mean to refer to someone as Lord?  The word signifies someone who has power, authority, and influence.  No one on earth below or heaven above matches LORD better than God Almighty.  

When one accepts Jesus as the Christ, an important second step is required.  He must be made Lord of our lives.  This means we yield to Him and not to the world.  Our minds become focused on doing what is right in His sight.  It’s not necessarily an easy task.  Fulfilling worldly desires is tempting, and adhering to holiness can be challenging.  However, making Him the Lord of our lives pays tremendous dividends for all of eternity.   

Who is the Lord of your life?

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for being who You are.  Help me to grow in a relationship to you whereby You are my Lord and I am Your servant.  Amen.

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