Do you believe in aliens?

“I am a stranger on earth.”  Psalm 119:19 NIV

Do you believe in aliens?  It’s a thought that has prompted considerable speculation throughout the ages.  Many governments–especially our own–have spent millions of dollars attempting to communicate with beings from other worlds.  Societies, both of science and quackery, exist that study the possibility, and everyone knows about the UFO reports that seem to be occurring with greater frequency from all over the world.  The possibilities prove captivating of the public’s attention.  

The Psalms constitute the longest book in the Bible, having 150 chapters.  While King David authored most of it, many portions were written by others, including Moses, Heman, Ethan, Solomon, Asaph, Korah’s sons and unnamed persons.  Most scholars believe, but cannot confirm with absolute certainty, that King David penned Psalm 119.  It’s the longest chapter in the entire Bible. 

I love the 19th verse, “I am a stranger on earth.”  King David may as well have written, “I am an alien on earth.”   Do you have the attitude that your current body and residence are merely temporary and not where you really belong?  If not, you should!  

The Scriptures are replete with so many references that confirm we are aliens.  God knew us before we were even born.  We are like grass that grows and flowers that bloom but fade and die in a season.  We don’t belong to the world.   Our eternal home is in heaven in the presence of God.  One particular verse really hits home.  It’s John 12:25, which records Jesus’s words to us, ” . . . anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”  That’s a powerful teaching that isn’t intuitive to mere humans.      

The males in my family line have passed away at age 73.  Compared to eternity, this time is a drop in the bucket.  It’s nothing.  We are aliens when we’re alive on this planet.  

Are you an alien?  Do you long to remain here or return to your real home?

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for providing a way through Jesus Christ so that we may live in our eternal home with You.  Amen

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