Dear Old Dad

“Listen to your father, who gave you life.”  Proverbs 23:22a

Flag Day occurs every June 14th, marking the anniversary of the adoption of our nation’s flag.  It’s a lot more special to me as my father’s birthday, all the way back to 1911.  He passed away in 1985.  

While Dad didn’t have much materially, he was the richest person spiritually that I’ve ever known.  He taught me valuable life lessons that still ring in my ears and benefit me today:

–Serve others, and love them more than you love yourself;

–Realize that God owns everything, and you’re merely a steward of what He has allowed you to handle during your time on earth;

–Give generously;

–Recognize everyone’s value, as all are made in the image of God;

–Do good, and don’t seek any recognition or thanks for doing so;

–Honesty is always the best policy; more importantly, it is the only policy

–Live within your means, and address needs but not desires;

–Never give less than your best.  

Dad generously gave me the great legacy of his life.  While it’d be admirable to say that I want to be just like him, the truth is that my goal is to be more like Jesus.  

Who is your role model?  

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for the perfect role model of Jesus.  May we mold our lives to follow and make Him Lord of our lives.  Amen.  

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