Truthful attorneys–an oxymoron for many in the profession

I have known many attorneys over the years.  There’re some good ones and plenty of bad ones.  Most people have only a little exposure in working with them.  I wish that I could say the same, but I’ve had plenty of experience.    

Here’s my rub with bad attorneys–a big one that is a major irritant to me.  Keep in mind that I wrote “bad”.  Bottom line:  they lie like dogs.  In interrogatories, depositions, and examinations, they pose misleading and misdirecting questions.  Using the answers provided, they try to make white look like black and black look like white.  In most litigations, the actual situation is a shade of gray.  

When one testifies in court, all witnesses are sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Guess who is under no obligation to be truthful?  You know it:  the attorneys.  They can and do say just about anything imaginable to win for their client.  It’s not about what’s right or wrong, but what’s best–even lying–to convince the judge and jury to see things their way.  

Years ago I favored capital punishment, not just the use of the electric chair, but electric bleachers.  I saw no point to housing hundreds of felons facing death penalties and society having to finance the preservation of their lives. Two things changed my mind:  the emergence of DNA evidence, and the untruthfulness of attorneys.  

We’ve all read stories about persons serving years in prison who were subsequently exonerated by DNA evidence proving their innocence.  What caused them to be in prison in the first place?  Zealous prosecuting attorneys have been the primary cause.  The legal system in these cases has failed due to a disregard of the truth.  

I believe in justice.  For cases deserving of the death sentence when the evidence is absolutely, positively, irrefutably rock-solid, the guilty deserve to face the music.  These instances should be few and far between.  As a believer, I know who’s the ultimate judge, and as Paul Harvey once said, “God in His infinite wisdom and mercy created hell.”  

To all the good attorneys out there, I tip my hat to you.  Society needs your services and dedication.  I have always enjoyed working with you.  As a tip to people who only need an attorney rarely, be mindful that the professionals don’t advertise on television, newspapers, billboards, and grocery carts.   

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