Do you believe demons are real? (Sweet repeat from April 11, 2018)

“You believe that there is one God.  Good!  Even the demons believe that and shudder.”  James 2:19 NIV

Do you believe demons are real?  Today most people feel the answer is “no”.   They seem to think that the Bible stories are allegorical or something else.   Our society is too sophisticated to accept something that cannot be proven with hard evidence.  I suggest such thinking is dangerous.

Jesus believed in demons.  He talked about them.  He talked to them.  He ordered them; they responded and obeyed Him.  Since Jesus believed in demons, doesn’t it follow that we should believe in them, too?

Demons are the fallen angels who were booted out of heaven during Satan’s rebellion.  They took up residence on earth to reck havoc on mankind.  They’ve done a great job in meeting their objectives, and will continue to do so until Jesus’s return.

We see only the physical world that is measured in three dimensions.  There is a spiritual world, too, and sometimes it intersects with ours in visible but unrecognized ways.

The news media reports on demons’ activities every single day, but they just don’t acknowledge them.  Instead, they name the individuals and organizations that are controlled by demons.  Don’t be naive in thinking there isn’t a connection.

Christ-followers cannot be controlled by demons since the Holy Spirit provides an impenetrable barrier to them.  However, we can be influenced by demons in areas of our weaknesses.  As we develop our faith, we can grow in the ability to not yield to sin.  We have a not-so-secret weapon: the power of Jesus Christ.  Demons shutter at His name.  He gave us the power to rebuke them as well,.

Do you believe in demons?  If not, perhaps you should.

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for Your amazing grace.  May we always be on guard against negative influences in our lives.  May we live in accordance with Your will.  Amen

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