Evil Is Everywhere

Matthew 12:35 New International Version (NIV)                                                                                                                                  A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.

Do you believe that satan (with a lower case “s”, undeserving of being capitalized as a formal title) and his minions assault you continuously?  Your answer should be a resounding “YES”!  If it isn’t, you need to read the Bible more and increase your understanding.  

Every single day I pray that the Holy Spirit will gird my thoughts, words, and actions, and protect me and my family from the forces of evil.  Is this kind of thinking from Star Wars?  No, it’s the real deal that has existed since our Creator laid the foundation of the universe.  A huge spiritual battle is ongoing.  

Here’s just one tiny example.  If you use your computer often, has the occasion occurred where something unexplainably showed up on your monitor?  Has it ever been something totally off-the-wall–like a swingers ad or pornography?  If you’re on Facebook, has some hacker copied your personal page and started sending notices to your friends to ensnarl them, too?  

This website tries to reach and make disciples.  Its very name is a strong draw for people intent on committing evil.  Not a day passes that somebody or somebodies attempt to hack it.  After all, what greater objective does satan have than to divert someone from receiving God’s grace and escaping his filthy claws?  

At this writing in less than a year’s time, there have been 4,392 attempts to get into this website illicitly.   What do you think they are attempting to achieve?  Do you suppose they have a great devotional or testimony they’d like to add?  Of course not!  I can easily imagine they have a desire to take over control of it and fill jesuschrist.community with all sorts of evil.  

Two powers prevent such theft from happening:  the protection provided by God Almighty and the security software.  Make no mistake–both are from God.  Pray that no evil will ever divert this website from its mission.  Thanks!  

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