“Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles . . .”  Psalm 105:5

The word “miracle” carries different meanings to many people.  In my mind it’s a God-event that violates man’s understanding of natural laws.  

Jesus performed many miracles during his time on earth.  Most of them dealt with healing and natural phenomena.  They’re well documented in both Biblical and historical records.  I’ve wondered about all the ones not recorded, which we know were many.  

Jesus’s two big miracles are obvious:  His resurrection and His ascension.  Think about what else He did:

–restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speaking to the mute; cleansing to lepers;

–walked on water;

–drove out evil spirits and restored sanity;

–raised dead people to life;

–created food for thousands;

–turned water into wine.  

What miracle comes to your mind and why?  Here’s one that likely doesn’t stand out for most people, but it carries enormous significance.  Recall the woman who had hemmoraged blood for twelve years.  Do you understand the incredibility of what happened?  Her doctors had been unable to restore her health.  By Mosaic Law, she was unclean and expressly prohibited from contact with others, resulting in her isolation from society.  Yet, she traveled 30 miles and touched the cloak of the Son of God and her bleeding ceased immediately. What a bold move!  By Mosaic Law, Jesus would be unclean, too!  Instead, He responded, “Who touched me?”, after sensing power had left Him.  Of course, He knew, but He uttered this statement as a teaching lesson.  The woman came forward and fell at His feet, and Jesus pronounced that her faith had made her well.  

Don’t just read about the miracles of Jesus.  Read between the lines and think of the backgrounds of the people involved to fully appreciate the significance of what happened.  

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for the miracles.  May we develop deeper faith!  Amen.  

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