Time is a fleeting thing

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”  Matthew 6:27 NIV

Our lives on this planet are short in duration with females living an average of 81.2 years and males for 76.4 years.  As the older generation dies off, the following generation becomes quite cognizant that they are next in line.  It’s a sobering reality that really registers after both parents have passed.  

Have you thought about when you will die?  Come on and confess–you have.  Nothing will change the fact that one day will be your last.  

Last year I experienced an unusual incident.  On a plane flight from Nashville to Baltimore, I had a seizure–the first one in my life.  On the morning of the trip I had no idea that something like this would happen.  Without delving into the nitty gritty details, my brain started shutting down my body.  A couple of minutes after the seizure started, I could not feel, hear or see.  My wife thought that I had died, but fortunately, good medical care saved the day.   

The point of this illustration is that we don’t know the time that we’ll be checking out.  What’s really important is that we are ready.  I’m not referring to estate planning, but to our spiritual state.  We can have that assurance by believing Jesus is the Christ and making Him Lord of our lives.  

Are you ready to die?  You need to be.  Choosing to follow Jesus is the greatest decision that you’ll ever make.  I love this quotation:  “You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.”  Eternity lasts a long time.  I want to reside in heaven.  How about you?

Prayer:  Thank you, God, for the free gift of grace offered through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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